Enzymatic Lipolysis (Jowl Lipolysis): Definition, Application Process and Cautions

Enzymatic lipolysis is an increasingly popular method in the field of medical aesthetics, especially targeting stubborn fat in the jowl area. This modern and minimally invasive procedure is designed to help reduce excess fat.

What is it?

Enzymatic lipolysis is performed by injecting specially formulated enzyme solutions into the problem area. These enzymes promote the breakdown of fat cells and help the body to eliminate these cells through the natural detoxification process. This method, which is especially preferred for localized fat accumulations in the jowl area, aims to provide a firmer and contoured jawline.

How is it done?

Enzymatic lipolysis is a clinical procedure that is usually of short duration. Before the procedure, the target area is identified and marked. Then, the area is numbed by applying local anesthesia. The enzyme solution is injected directly into the fat tissue through a fine needle. This procedure usually takes a few minutes and is meticulously performed to maximize patient comfort.

Things to Consider

Enzymatic lipolysis is generally considered a safe and effective procedure, but some important points need to be noted:

  • Expert Selection: It should be performed by physicians specialized in their field.
  • Expectations It is important to have realistic expectations. The procedure should be seen as a localized fat reduction procedure, not as a weight loss method.
  • Healing Process: Although it is a minimally invasive procedure, mild swelling and bruising may occur in the area. These side effects usually subside within a few days.
  • Care After the procedure, the care instructions recommended by the doctor should be followed.

Enzymatic lipolysis is an advanced aesthetic treatment that can offer effective results for the right patients. It is important for individuals considering this procedure to meet with a medical aesthetic physician for a comprehensive evaluation and correct expectation management.


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